A Living History Experience. 


So many things have been lost to history. Its vital we preserve, honor, and use it as a way of bringing family and communities together. We must not ever forget the sacrifices those have made for this great country.  




Christopher Mee
Owner & Operator, Charter Armor

Experiencing these machines first hand is a fantastic way to actually touch the past in a unique way. These vehicles address the question of "what it must have been like" in a first hand, up-close manner that engages the senses. It is an opportunity to honor and appreciate those who served, to learn something new and quite honestly, they are way cool!  How many armored vehicles have you driven?



An now a word from you. This is a place where you can tell your story.



Yesterday is today. Use exquisite backdrops, skylines, or armor to accentuate any type of look or feel desired. From fashion, to memorials, to air shows, and other events, lets make it possible.

Rules & Policies


Charter Armor wishes to foster a safe and positive atmosphere so that all may enjoy comfortably. It is our desire that all would have an enjoyable and educational experience. However, Charter Armor reserves the right to make the final call in all matters concerning the vehicles, it's contents, and its crew. We reserve the right to refuse customers and may at any time we deem necessary, for safety reasons or otherwise, direct a person or persons to immediately exit our vehicles or demonstration ares. Some of our equipment and display items are sensitive to weather, so Charter Armor may have to curtail its activities accordingly. Person or persons granted permission to enter our vehicles are expected to obey all commands given them by the crew at all times for their safety the preservation of the vehicle, and the consideration of others. In other words, we will be on our best behavior and we would like you to be on yours. It just goes better that way.